Strengthens The Crowning Glory

Strengthens The Crowning Glory


Hair, the crowning glory, is susceptible to damage. Men and women, as they age, have a tendency to lose hair volume and thickness. Several factors such as genetics and stress affect hair’s health and beauty.

With the fast-paced and our ever-changing world, several products and technological breakthrough have emerged to solve hair dilemmas like hair fall and hair thinning. But one brand remains the top choice in restoring hair at the same time averting hair fall and thinning – that is Regroe (Minoxidil).

Regroe’s active ingredient, Minoxidil, helps in hair restoration. Minoxidil was found out to have a mechanism of action with respect to the stimulation of hair growth. Despite Minoxidil’s hair growth stimulation’s unknown cause, it appears to be independent of vasodilatation or widening of the blood vessel.

Minoxidil works by stimulating hair growth from traumatized hair follicles. Minoxidil stimulates the re-growth of the hair in three (3) ways: Minoxidil increases the size of blood vessel around the hair follicles. The process promotes better oxygen and nutrition absorption of hair follicles. Minoxidil stimulates the hair matrix cells to divide and multiply to produce longer and thicker hair. Minoxidil suppresses androgen action, the main cause of baldness.

With twice-a-day application and regular use of Regroe, hair growth begins on the third week and visible results are noticeable on the second month.

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