Why You Should Love Your Thick Hair

Why You Should Love Your Thick Hair

“You take too long in the shower!”

“You shed like a dog!”

“You keep breaking my hair ties!”

Girls with thick hair have heard all of these and more before. Combined with how hard to maintain it is at times and issues like humidity, it’s understandable that some thick-haired women would prefer to just have thin hair instead. However, your thick hair is something to be proud of! Despite all of the issues you may have, below are some reasons why we think your thick hair is something to brag about.

Your hair is an attention-grabber

While this can also be a negative if you’re tired of the comments like the ones above, it can be a good feeling to stand out in the crowd. You never have to worry about making an impression because your hair will do it for you. Not to mention with the slew of nosy remarks come positive reinforcements talking about how lush and thick your hair is. It’s quite fun to see men and women alike be in awe at your beautiful lion’s mane.

Braids look great on you

If your hair has become too thick for many hairstyles, you can always fall back on a classic braid. This is a stylish look that also tames your wild locks while emphasizing just how thick the strands are. There are also a variety of braided hairstyles to choose from so you’ll never run out of the styles you can do per day. You can even emulate Queen Elsa’s iconic braid and feel like royalty!

You have enough hair to spare

Almost every woman’s nightmare is to slowly lose their hair. It’s a crowning glory for many of them and even shortening it can be an emotional blow. There’s also the risk of hair loss and hair fall that they have to worry about. Having thick hair is beneficial simply because it will take longer to lose all your hair with how many it is. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Maintain your current hair through treatments and products that promote hair growth such as Minoxidil Regroe.

You’ll look fabulous

Some of the most iconic celebrities like Beyonce and Shakira are well-known for their thick hair. They command the stage and their performances, and their mane adds to that fierce and fabulous aura. While they also have a team of stylists to help them, looking up ways to groom your thick hair can help you achieve that same glamorous presence that is sure to make you stand out.

Sure, having thick hair has its up and downs, and it’s a pain to deal with it at times. But as they say, with beauty comes pain. Just keep your head full of hair held high and let your thick locks flow. As always, confidence is key, so as long as you love your thick hair, your beauty will shine through to make you look stunning in all your thick-haired glory.

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