Love and Hair Loss: Struggle with Undesirability and How to Overcome It

We will be seeing, yet again, decorations in red and pink hearts, flowers and of course, couples in love. These would make us conscious with our physicality and state of our heart. We know that attraction usually starts physically, but with falling and thinning hair, love (or simply dating) seems pretty far-fetched.

Hair loss damages a person’s self-esteem making them feel and look unattractive; hence, they have a hard time establishing personal relationships. So while you still have healthy hair, same with relationships, take care of it while it is still there.

While this trouble in building an interpersonal relationship is alarming, here comes the fact that life with hair loss is a personal emotional roller coaster as you accept that you are losing hair, work out ways to combat it and educate people about it.

Promises do not only exist in relationships but in hair loss solutions too and, we bet this is something you do not want to fall for. While making drastic actions would cross your minds, it would be best to consider hair care as a routine or even a relationship. So why not give your hair some love this Love Month?

Overcome your insecurity with hair loss with these few tips:

Don’t be too hard on your hair

Always go gently when it comes to your hair. For instance, pat your hair, not rub, after you get out of the shower. Your hair is in its most delicate condition when it is wet than when it is dry. Repeated pulling of your hair can damage your hair follicles which could result to bald patches and near permanent hair loss.

Too much is bad

Hair coloring, straightening and perming, while make our appearance pretty, could be abrasive and cause irritation to the hair and scalp. These lead to the weakening of the hair, making it dull, rough and brittle. To some degree, these could also badly result to hair loss.

Would you believe that shiny, manageable and frizz-less hair is achievable with fewer hair products? The trick here is to stick to a single product and to not overdo your hair coloring, strengthening and perming.

It’s always worth the wait

When it comes to treating hair loss, patience is truly a virtue. For instance, in using Minoxidil Regroe, the only real hair grower treatment, it needs continuous correct usage for 6-8 months before the appearance of thicker and distinguishable hair.

With the number of months it needs before visible hair grows, you may ask, is it truly worth the wait? Yes. Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow.

Pay more attention

The present-day calls us to be go-getters, hustling and bustling throughout the day which makes it easy for us to disregard the health of our hair and scalp. Sure, you see and style them every day but have you taken time to truly check its status? Stop hating on how your hair looks and take time this love month to start showering your hair and scalp with attention and care.

Spend time listening

Speak and listen with the hair experts when it comes to the health your hair and scalp. Schedule a routine check-up to know the real condition of your hair and scalp.

When it comes to your hair health, remember that the existence or lack thereof of romance contributes to it. Experiencing a highly stressful event, such as a bad heartbreak, can trigger telogen effluvium. This is a type of hair loss which pushes the hair to prematurely be in a shedding and resting phase. Fortunately, the body begins to go back to normal once the stress is over, which will kick start your hair’s growth cycle.

So, if you are not planning to commit with someone else this month, why not direct your love to yourself and your hair? In spite of all things lovey-dovey, February is also the time for self-love.

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