how to grow a beard

how to grow a beard


Since the beginning of time, men with beards are considered more manly than those without it. Think about every historical movie you’ve watch. You’ll soon come to the realization that almost if not all men (protagonist or antagonist) have beards growing out of their chin. In fact, according to a research found by BBC, beards do not affect a man’s attractiveness rating consistently, but those who let their facial hair grow were perceived as more dominant.

Now you know why a lot of men want beards. The problem now is not every man can grow a beard naturally. To prove it, a study in 2014 by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery confirmed that thousands of men (13,956 to be exact) had hair transplants. A huge increase from the findings during the year of 2012 where almost 5,000 men sought hair transplants for their beard enhancements.

Imagine the amount of money spent of those hair transplant surgeries. As you know, surgeries are quite expensive. There is, however, a better and more natural way on how to grow the beard you have been wanting for so long.

Minoxidil Regroe is the solution for your wanted hair growth. It is not limited to hair loss conditions of the scalp. Minoxidil Regroe, a proven effective hair loss treatment can also be used to grow that scruff that you have been dreaming of.

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