Hair Resolutions You Should Start This 2019

Hair Resolutions You Should Start This 2019

When we ring in the New Year, so do the New Year’s Resolutions which we strive hard to carry out until the end of the year. There are some people who hope to finally adhere to a strict diet, others would try their hand at self-love and certain people will finally decide to wear their sunscreen regularly.

Though all of these are significant, we cannot help but observe that not many people consider resolutions to finally take care of their hair properly. For instance, you can keep complaining about your hair problems, but you know you are responsible for it.

Keep reading to get your 2019 hair resolutions started.

Stick with the right shampoo and conditioner

Stop experimenting with your hair products and commit to a hair care routine. Pick out a shampoo that suits best your scalp and hair type. For optimum hair care solutions, use Pregroe 4-in-One Shampoo and Conditioner! It nourishes your crowning glory by strengthening your hair’s weak spots: the scalp, roots, and mid-shaft down to the ends.

Turn down the heat

Steamy showers are undoubtedly relaxing, but they are not the best for the hair. Hot water can strip off the hair’s natural moisture, leaving it dry and brittle. Avoid hair damage by taking a shower with lukewarm to cool water.

The same goes for mechanical devices such as hair-blowers, straighteners, and curlers. The heat can weaken or even break the hair’s keratin which is responsible for its shape. If quitting the heat seems impossible, do a no-heat challenge for seven days to give your hair a chance to see for yourself the effects on your hair of turning down the heat.

Rotate your hairstyles

A sleek top knot and ponytail are classic hairstyles that never go out of style and we love it. However, these hairstyles require much pulling that could break the hair causing it to thin.

The New Year is a good reason for you to change up your hairstyle every now and then. Wear it loose, pull it back with a pin, tie it up or braid your hair – there are various ways to style your hair as it is not a static item!

Trim that hair

Even if you are trying to grow your hair, take a quick trip to your hairstylist every six to eight months for a trim. Regular hair cut will remove off any dry and dull end to prevent it from spreading up to the hair shaft and causing hair breakage. Hair cut maintains the style and shape of the hair, stopping it from being flat or fly away.

Regrow what you have lost

Sometimes, thinning and falling hair eventually lead to evident hair loss – something people are not too proud about. Hair loss is caused by various reasons: physical and emotional stress, heredity, hormonal, pregnancy, too much vitamin A, D, E & K, and over styling to name a few.

Fret not as Minoxidil Regroe is a product that stimulates hair regrowth and truly delivers! Created with the only approved and proven substance that can grow back hair, Regroe will bring back your crowning glory through proper and daily usage.

Embrace your natural hair texture

To effortlessly achieve great hairstyle is to embrace your hair’s natural texture. It is a challenge on how to work on your hair if you have been relying so much on blow-dryers, straighteners, and curlers or even hair dyes.

Whether you have loose waves, curly locks, or pin-straight hair, embracing it would cut down on unnecessary styling time. It is important to stop criticizing your hair for how it naturally looks and to start accepting its color and texture. Let your hair breathe and love the mane you are born with.

If you want to truly keep these resolutions, make it intentional. Put a little more dedication and love in your hair care, and you will be seeing a big improvement in no time. Give these resolutions a go and you might pick up some new healthy hair habits to live by. After all, surgical procedures for the hair are expensive and painful.

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