Hair Loss Guide: Foods That Trigger Hair Loss

Hair Loss Guide: Foods That Trigger Hair Loss

Consuming different kinds of food is definitely satisfying to the palate. But sometimes too much of a good thing can be bad. Feeding your body too much can sometimes be bad especially if you are trying to avoid hair loss. In this article, we listed the most common food that can cause hair problems.

Fried Foods

Food that contains high-fat and hydrogenated oils may trigger hair loss. Studies have linked monounsaturated and saturated fat to increased testosterone levels. This can cause a higher level of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a testosterone related with male pattern baldness.

Refined Carbohydrates

Foods made with refined carbohydrates such as cakes, biscuit and white flour are all high in sugar and low in fiber. When these are ingested, it is often directed to limit the body’s natural stress-busting functions. Stress is a major contributing factor of hair loss. If stress easily occurs, it can cause hair growth problems.

Foods Rich of Selenium

Selenium is a micro-mineral that contains antioxidant properties. A review by Margaret Rayman, a Professor of Nutritional Medicine at the University of Surrey, shows that selenium is responsible for hair fall while the National Institute of Health recommends adults to only consume 55 micrograms of selenium a day. Foods with the higher selenium are chicken, beef liver, egg, spinach, boneless turkey, canned sardines.

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as milk contains chemicals that can disrupt the balance of your hormones that can cause an overgrowth of skin cells, blocking pores and trapping the bacteria. It also means that epidermis plaque is more likely to build up on the scalp causing follicle miniaturization and thinning hair.

Keep in mind that diet and hair loss are related to one another. That’s why it’s important to add specific vitamins and minerals to your diet to avoid hair loss. In addition, hair loss can be caused by more factors than just the food that you eat. It could be stress, aging or even the products that you use for your hair. So as you can control what you eat, always choose healthier and stricter diet and remember to always eat with moderation.

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