Growing Your Beard Based On Your Face Shape

Growing Your Beard Based On Your Face Shape

With facial hair being a very popular form of men’s grooming today, more men are finding ways on how to grow a beard. They want to get that manly scruff for various reasons, whether to look good, to impress the ladies, to look more empowered, or a combination of all three. Most men see a beard as a show of true masculinity while women see it as a sign of sexuality.

However, not all men may know how to grow a beard properly, or one that suits their face shape. They just see a picture of a beard they think looks good and follow that style without taking into consideration their face shape. Because of this, we have prepared a guide for growing your beard, as well as style recommendations for your face shape.

Round Faces

Round faces typically have wide cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a shorter chin. Guys with this face shape would benefit with facial hair that elongates their face rather than a style that highlights their already wide features.

Recommended styles: goatee, Van Dyke beard

Square Faces

Much like round faces, square faces are greater in width while shorter in chin length, except more angular. A beard that is narrow and long can do wonders for a wide face shape. Accentuating your prominent jawline correctly and opting for the more old school styles can make you look as manly and rugged as the stars from classic films.

Recommended styles: circle beard, mustache

Triangular Faces

Triangular faces are characterized by a pointed chin, wide cheekbones, and narrow jawbones. With this, a beard that makes the jawline fuller and more square will definitely look better. The aim is to take the attention away from the chin, so having a beard that rounds up that area can help achieve that goal.

Recommended styles: perma 5 o’clock shadow, long fuller beard

Rectangular or Oblong Faces

A rectangular or oblong face is essentially a long face shape. This means that beards that elongate the face are a no-no. Instead, focus on a facial hair style that is fuller on the sides and shorter on the bottom to add width to a narrow face shape. You can also opt for a beard that accentuates your long jawline but does not necessarily elongate it any further.

Recommended styles: chin strap beard, chevron mustache

Oval Faces

Last but not least is the most symmetrically pleasing face shape of them all: the oval face. Due to having both round and square features, guys with this face shape are blessed enough to try any style with less risk on how it’s going to look. The face itself is pretty balanced as it is, so it’s best to stick with a beard that adheres to already existing features.

Recommended styles: horseshoe mustache, clean shaven

Growing a beard isn’t as simple as it seems. Not knowing how to groom it can lead to awkward appearances and facial hair disasters. It is important that aside from knowing how to grow a beard, a man is also equipped in basic knowledge on how to make it look good on its own. As always, confidence and perseverance is key. Just have patience and be more self-assured and you’ll certainly be rocking that beard in no time.

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