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What is Regroe?

Regroe is a topical regrowth treatment that stimulates hair growth from traumatized hair follicle. Its main ingredient is Minoxidil which is the only approved and proven substance that can grow back hair.

Where can I buy Regroe?

Regroe is available in all leading drugstores nationwide!

Is there a side effect when I use Regroe?

Side effects are limited to itching (due to the growth of new hair) and/or mild irritation.

If irritation occurs, stop using Regroe for at least one week, thereafter resume your treatment.

Is it effective?

Regroe is an effective hair regrowth treatment approved by both USA and Philippine FDA. Regroe has been in the market for more than 30 years and is proven to grow back your hair for 2-3 months of continuous correct usage. For more information about the efficacy of Regroe, you may check our testimonial page.