Why Having A Beard Is Healthy

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In recent years, beards have definitely become the new trend. With so many celebrity heartthrobs sporting different types of beards and getting praised by their legions of fans, it’s no surprise that there are lots of women that prefer being with a guy who can rock that manly beard. From a scientific perspective, many modern scientists have reaffirmed Charles Darwin’s theory that the process of sexual selection may have led to beards. So much is the positive attention given to bearded men that those who aren’t so lucky try their best to research on how to grow a beard so they can ride the growing trend.

But did you know that aside from improving your appearance and projecting an image of sexual prowess, beards are actually healthy for you? See how below.

Protects against the sun

According to a study from the University of Southern Queensland, beards block 90 to 95 percent of UV rays which can slow the aging process and reduce the risk of skin cancer. In addition to this, leading dermatologist Dr. Nick Lowe said that the beard works similarly to an SPF factor. The higher the hair density and thickness, the higher the SPF. In a tropical country, such as the Philippines where the heat from the sun can be relentless and possibly harmful, having a beard can help in the protection of your skin.

Asthma and allergy reduction

For men that are affected by asthma and allergy to pollen and dust, a beard or any facial hair near the nose can help act as a filter and stop allergens before they settle in. Dermatologist Bobby Buka added that they also prevent toxins from getting into your lungs.

Prevents throat disease

In the book Pulmonary Tubercolosis: Its Pathology, Nature, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Causes, Hygiene, and Medical Treatment, Dr. Addison P. Dutcher noted that there is no doubt that the beard and nostril hair were designed to protect the lungs from airborne bacteria, protecting your throat. He added that men who are constantly exposed to particles of fine dust should never shave, and that he could record cases of throat and lung-diseases that were permanently cured by having a beard.

Fights infection

Growing your beard out means no or minimal shaving, which is the main cause of bacterial infections in the beard area. Shaving can cause razor rash, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis. Of course, you should still shave every once in a while in order to groom your beard. That is a key part in making sure your beard looks good after all. But if you really want to let it grow and avoid infection, don’t shave it off too much. Just enough for you to look presentable.

Provides natural moisture

Beards can help prevent dry skin through natural moisture. The hair can help protect you against wind and cold air, factors that cause skin dryness. The sebaceous glands also keep your face moisturized better when you have a beard as there is no way you are getting moisture out of the beard. If dry skin is a problem for you, then perhaps having a beard may help you in that situation.

Combats the cold

While a tropical country does not have to worry about the cold too much, there may be times where you go on vacation to a country during their winter time. When this happens, it’s better to have a beard in order to keep you warm and protected from the biting cold. This in turn helps prevent you from getting sick due to the cold weather.

Aside from its appearance improvement purposes, a beard can also help you in improving your health. We definitely recommend growing yours out. It’s understandable that growing a beard may seem daunting as it’s difficult to grow and maintain one. However, these health benefits may help you reconsider your sentiment. All you have to learn is how to grow a beard and how to properly groom it. Knowing these things will help you look great and feel healthy in all your bearded glory.

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