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It is but true that our modern world is afflicted with stress and worries. These bugaboos indeed become more of a lifestyle suffered by millions of people around the globe. While these anxieties became chronic, its health implications have gone very alarming and one of which is Alopecia Areata!

Let’s take a deeper look on Alopecia Areata as you may probably hear it for the first time. As defined by the American Academy of Dermatology, it is a medical condition when hair falls out in round patches; it may be on the scalp and elsewhere in the body. The cited causes of this disorder are heredity, medication, pregnancy, habitual plucking, and stress. With several studies and research done on this topic, it had been significantly found out that hair loss may also lead to possible irritation of the skin and people suffering from it are at high risk of developing major depression episodes.

In a common day to day scenario, we tend to ignore this and, nonetheless, poke fun of people suffering from it. How do we really take this? Considering a different perspective, this disorder is an autoimmune disease that may get worse if not treated properly. It might not be really painful, but its psychological consequences are imminent that it may result to an obnoxious experience, and then itself lead to further distress.

Is there still hope? Is there a way to reverse it? Yes. Drugs and cosmetics for hair loss are widely available in the market, but the challenge is picking out the best product there is. Dr. Vinson Pineda, the Father of Philippine Dermatology, created a wonderful medical science’s solution to hair loss – the REGROE! Minoxidil Regroe carries the pride of being a pioneer in the hair regrowth industry and, moreover, being the most excellent product with world-class formulation. With its competitive market stance, we are assured Regroe’s effectiveness and its wonders in regaining the happier life you deserve.

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