Effortless Ways to Prevent Hair Loss Problems

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For most of us, our hair is one of our greatest assets. When you have that strong, shiny, and healthy hair, you have the confidence to flaunt and be proud of yourself. But sometimes, no matter how much we try to have a beautiful crowning glory, hair problems happen. And one of the most common hair problems experienced by most of us is hair loss. Aside from getting it naturally in genetics, there are several things that we unconsciously do that can cause this dilemma.

Hair loss is easier to be prevented than cured. Simply put, it is better to prevent it as early as now while your hair is growing healthy. In this article, we will provide some reminders that will help you prevent hair loss:

Avoid Styling Your Hair Too Much

Styling or putting too much hair products such as wax and gel can cause its strands to fall out. When your hair consumes too much chemicals, it tends to lose its strength, affecting the growth of the hair.

What to do: Allow your hair to rest from all the chemicals. Limit your consumption of these products as much as possible.

Watch What You Eat

The food you eat also affects the growth of your hair. Hair can be compared with the skin and the nails, as a signal of a good health. When you don’t get the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, hair problems may occur.

What to do: Change your diet and consume more food that are good for the hair. Your diet needs to include protein and zinc. Also, make sure to avoid fried and sugar-free foods which are bad for your hair health. Maintain a healthy diet for healthy, shiny and glowing hair.

Invest in a Good Hair Loss Treatment

The number one rule is to take care of your hair. Invest in quality hair care products and hair loss solutions to treat your hair.

What to do: Be strict on choosing products you put in your hair.

Choose the Right Shampoo for Hair Loss

Whatever dirt or chemicals that holds into the hair within the day, shampoo is the one responsible for cleaning it off and making the hair healthy again. Choose a shampoo designed for hair loss which can make the strands stronger, healthier, and thicker.

What to do: There are many shampoo brands in the market that promise various solutions to hair problems. However, make sure to use those that are effective and purposely made for hair loss. They can be a little bit more expensive than your ordinary shampoo but can guarantee the results you need.

Avoid Damaging Your Hair

Tightly pulling back the hair, blow drying, combing a tangled hair, using a rough towel are just some our daily habits that can damage the roots of our hair strands, eventually causing them to break. Though this can be more relevant to women, men should also watch their activities carefully to avoid further damaging their hair.

What to do: Take note of these bad hair practices. Always be gentle to your hair and don’t do anything that might harm it in any way.

Quit Smoking

You are probably aware of the risks of smoking such as heart attack and cancer. But research also shows that smoking affects the condition of the hair. Cigarettes contains thousands of toxic chemicals that negatively affects the blood circulation and leads to impaired blood flow to the hair follicles, thus, preventing normal hair growth.

What to do: Help yourself to quit smoking. This is not just for the benefit of your hair, but also for your overall health.

Protect the Scalp from UV Exposure

Taking care of the hair does not end in using the right shampoo and hair treatments, protecting your hair also comes while outside the house. Those products will not be effective enough if you’re not protecting your hair from the harmful UV rays from the sun. These rays can cause hair discoloration and dryness as well as brittle strands, split ends, hair loss, frizziness and more.

What to do: Wear a hat or anything that can protect the hair from the heat of the sun.

Head Massage

Massaging your scalp daily for 15-20 minutes can stimulate the blood circulation that can lead to a healthier hair growth.
What to do: It can be done while doing your morning routine or with any hair treatment you use every morning. Remember that if you have medical factors to consider, consult your doctor first to determine if your scalp is safe for a head massage.

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